About Us

What is AlphaPicture’s Advantage over other Photo-Services?

The services this butler offers are provided by AlphaPicture, the world market leader in ASP-image personalization. Our motto is: „Literally better images“. Using our shop is very simple. You don’t have to download any software. The only thing you have to do is upload your pictures and define with a mouse click where and how they should be placed.

For six years, we have been „always at your service“

At Christmas 2003, James came into the online-world, and he quickly became known all over the world. Each day, more than 25.000 visitors enjoy his services. In autumn 2006, James saw his first relaunch. Now, just in time for the calendar season of 2010, the third generation of our butler starts his new job. All the experience AlphaPicture gained through and with its customers in Europe, the USA and Japan helped shaping the enhanced LetterJames.

700 companies everywhere in the world trust the LetterJames technology

The experience AlphaPicture gained while improving LetterJames also helps other companies. Throughout the world, 700 companies – local digital printers as well as big industrial global players – use AlphaPicture’s serverparks. No matter if Stuttgart, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona, Sidney, New York or Tokyo – James’s colleagues speak many languages.